Pre-Transaction Planning

The Alaris Pre-Transaction Planning Service is designed to assist owners and Directors in preparing their business for a future sale transaction.

A business is subject to close scrutiny during a purchaser’s initial commercial appraisal and the due diligence process. The Pre-Transaction Planning Service is designed to help owners and Directors prepare for this in advance.

Being well-prepared for a future exit event can contribute materially to its ultimate success. The service can identify practical steps that can be taken, ideally 12-18 months before commencing a sale process.

The Alaris Pre-Transaction Planning Service comprises three principal stages:

Stage 1: Business Review Report

A complimentary high-level business review aimed at preparing the business for a future sale. Areas covered by the Business Review Report include:

  • Objectives
  • Timing
  • Business performance & presentation
  • Transaction preparation
  • Profile & PR

The Business Review includes information gathering and a face-to-face meeting, as follows:

  • Completion of an Information Questionnaire on the business
  • A meeting with the Alaris team at our central London offices to complete the Business Review
  • Business Review Report – summarises the initial findings and will be prepared and submitted by Alaris

On completion of Stage 1 and the submission of Alaris’ Business Review Report, the business owners and Directors could consider commissioning completion of the two further stages in the Pre-Transaction Planning Service, as follows:

Stage 2: Plan Development

Development of a formal plan, with input from the owners and management team, which identifies a shortlist of planning initiatives and sets out the implementation timetable.

Stage 3: Plan Implementation

Execution of the plan by the management team and ongoing consultation, monitoring and reporting on progress and the outcomes achieved.

Basis of Fees

Stage 1 of the Service is provided on a complimentary basis. Alaris would, on request, provide a formal fee proposal for delivery of Stages 2 and 3, for the consideration of the owners and Directors.


All information provided to Alaris will be held in strict confidence and will, upon request, be returned or deleted from folders following completion of the Service. Alaris will provide a confidentiality undertaking to companies applying for the Business Review prior to the release of confidential information.

Terms and Conditions

This Service is intended for UK businesses with an annual turnover of £1 million or greater. Alaris reserves the right not to provide this Service when requested or to cease immediately its provision in the course of the Service being provided, at any time and at its sole discretion, without liability to the company or its owners. Full terms and conditions for the provision of this Service shall be set out in writing by Alaris prior to commencement.

Alaris also offers a Company Valuation Service to assist company shareholders and business owners in forming a view as to the approach of purchasers to valuation and the value achievable in the event of a sale of their business.